Thursday, 13 August 2015

Dog ID Tags

I'm always surprised by the number of people who don't realise that their dog is legally required to wear an ID tag.
The Law states (via the Control of Dogs Order 1992) that "Every dog while on a public highway or place of public resort ( this basically means every dog not at home on private property) must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner (including postcode) inscribed on it, or a plate or badge attached to it"
This pic from the Kennel Club shows what must "by law" be included on your dog's tag.
Your telephone number is optional I would recommend this as well. Some people recommend that you put just your name on the tag (as you are required by law to do) and not your dogs name. Unfortunately dog theft is a very real problem and if the thief knows the name of your dog this may help them pass on the dog to the unsuspecting new owners because it appears they know the dog because the dog responds to their name. That's a more personal choice.

Some people are of the opinion that if their dog is micro chipped, they do not require a dog tag with their contact details on it. This is incorrect, and you should always have a dog tag on your dogs collar no matter if they are micro chipped (which I highly recommended) or not.

Certain dogs are exempt from having to wear a dog tag. They are:
  • Any dog registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
  • Any dog while being used in emergency rescue work.
  • Any dog while being used on official duties by a member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, HM Customs and Excise or the police.
  • Any dog while being used for driving or tending cattle or sheep.
  • Any dog while being used for the capture or destruction of vermin.
  • Any dog while being used for sporting purposes.
  • Any pack of hounds.
If your pooch isn't on this list then it must be wearing a tag by law :-)

They only cost a few pounds and there really is no excuse :-) Especially if it reunites you with your lost pooch :-)