Tuesday, 21 July 2015

About me :-)

Possibly a bit narcissistic but nevermind! :-)

My name is Skhy and I have been working and playing with dogs since birth! My mother competed in dog obedience with Standard Poodles and German Shepherd's, and showed Cocker Spaniels, which I got to play with from a very young age!  I got my very own dog, a whippet called Rhea, in 1989 who I took to the "Don’t Hit It, Train It" dog training club in north London from 6 months of age, which is were the dog training bug took hold!

I spend my weekends helping out in my mother's dog grooming salon as a child (which I loved!) and learnt first hand how to groom dog and cats, from start to finish, over the course of ten years. I was a founding committee member of the "Whippet Club Obedience Demonstration Team" taking part with my whippet Zasha, in the Crufts display team, for three consecutive years. I competed with my pet Whippets, and one of my mothers Cockers Spaniels, in breed showing, child handling, obedience and agility. In 1994 I got my first Standard Poodle 'Shelbie' as I wanted to have some hair to groom, I should have known then!   
I gained my Kennel Club Breeders Affix of 'Zerhea’s' in 1996, when I bred my first litter of Whippet puppies for the breed show ring.  As with all children, there comes a time when the grown up world calls, and you have to finally become independent, and it was the same for me. My dogs had to take a back burner, whilst I left home for three years, to study for a degree in Social Work. In 2005 I got my first job, working for the local authority, following another dream to make a difference in some way.
Over the last ten years I have juggled being employed, with my love of dogs, which can be a struggle sometimes when you have a demanding job, often working over 50hrs a week.  As a de-stresser, I took up dog agility with my one of my pooches Tullah (see pic below!), and in 2007 worked with her up to Championship Classes! I have also collected some Border Collies along the way, who have travelled up and down the country with me to Agility competitions (with a tent!)
Tullah doing what she loves (after sleeping!)
In 2009 I started organising the "Spilsby Companion Dog Show" which is a charity fundraiser for the local community. I have continued to organise this each year, which gives yet another excuse to hang out with dogs!
I became a trainer at "Partney Dog Training Society" in 2011 and took over the role of 'Club Secretary' in 2013. Every Tuesday I get to help people, and their dogs, build their relationship and bond.
I reduced my hours at work to part time in 2013, and started grooming dogs as well. I got my dog grooming qualifications at Grimsby College and in January 2015 I got engaged to “The Dr”!
In February 2015, I was given the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy from my social work role, and I decided to accept, as it would allow me to follow the dream of having my own Grooming Salon and start a family (four legged and two)! My fiance and I are buying our first home 'Bramble Cottage' where I will be grooming pooches, becoming a house wife and playing with my dogs full time!
I am currently grooming from one site (1 Green Lane, Wainfleet) and when the sale is completed, I will also be opening a second site at Hampton Lane, Old Leake. Both are home based grooming, where my customers dogs can feel like they are part of the family and where their hair is cared for in a calm and caring manner.
So that's me! :-)

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