Tuesday, 30 June 2015

First Post! :-)

The Bramble Cottage Dog Grooming Blog is now up and running! To celebrate here's a picture of the new BCDG microfiber towels (embroidered with our logo!) just arrived and waiting for your pooch :-)
At Bramble Cottage we like to use microfiber (a synthetic fiber that is finer than one denier - this diameter is smaller than a strand of silk!) towels as:
  1. They absorb water much more rapidly without the need for rubbing (better for your pooch's coat!);
  2. You don't have to rub hair to get the water out so there is minimal friction between the towel and hair fibres - less friction means less breakage and a nicer coat;
  3. Hair that's been wrapped in a microfiber towel will dry a lot faster than hair that's been wrapped in a regular towel;
  4. Microfiber doesn't produce lint (bits of white fluff). Lint from regular towels can cause hair tangles.
  5. It helps to reduce hair "frizziness".
We Don't use heated cage dryers at BCDG. Never. Ever. I like my dogs to have a spa treatment experience rather then being in a factory environment :-) (see more on this in an upcoming blog post!)
Here's a pic of the lovely Bracken the Cocker sitting on one of our new towels after his groom :-)He came in for his first big boy's groom, and showing his age, he had to have a little nap! :-)